Sorry for the lack of information and update. We have had some personal problems with the Authorities and as a result we have had to lay incredibly low whilst things were resolved. Email to use for now is whilst we resolve our server security. 
The good news is none of our customers are at risk, the bad news is all of our stock was seized but we are now restocking and are good to go once again, this is the nature of our business and we all know the risks. Slightly worried to read that you guys think we are scammers, all of our existing customers will know we are straight down the line and have no interest in screwing anyone over for a few quid. We ask all of our customers who are waiting on orders to let us know so we can get this sorted asap, where certain items cant be rsent, replacements will be agreed on with you and then sent instead.
We are back, secure, and committed to providing an excellent service once again, for all of you who have waited, we are sorry but you have nothing to worry about. Orders via EMAIL ONLY for now to quoting order and quantity and payment method and we will respond immediately.